During periods of extreme weather conditions (Weather, National Crisis, Health, Warfare, Terrorism, Act of God or any other threat to stability or safety) it is recommended that lines of communication are established between Club and Demonstrator/Speaker/Judge/Teacher, when possible in advance of the date of the booking.

Open and frank discussions should take place between the Demonstrator/Speaker/Judge/Teacher and Club Chairman and/or Programme Secretary.  Severity of the weather must impact upon the decision by either party to continue with the event and individual’s health and safety should be considered at all times.

Either party (Club or Demonstrator/Speaker/Judge/Teacher) may reach the decision to cancel the event in the best interests of all concerned.  It is possible that Government Legislation or local restrictions imposed may necessitate cancellation.  Help and advice may be sought from Social Media, Websites and Regional News and from Authorities, i.e. the local police, NHS, the MET office, Motoring Organisations

Both parties should remember that severe conditions may be regionalised and conditions will possibly differ greatly from area to area.  Weather cancellation decisions should not be made prematurely as these can considerably vary from day to day.

Once a decision has been made then both parties should reach an understanding in the form of a gentleman’s agreement*.   Costs may have already been incurred by the Demonstrator/ Speaker/Judge/Teacher, as flowers need to be bought well in advance, or they may have incurred vehicle hire costs.  Should either party cancel then it is recommended that the Club would reimburse the Demonstrator /Speaker/Judge/Teacher any costs already incurred and the Demonstrator/Speaker/Judge/Teacher would waive their fee and travel.  The Club should rebook the Demonstrator/Speaker/Judge/Teacher at the time of cancellation when possible.

Clubs are strongly recommended to consider possible alternative entertainment for their afternoon/evening if severe weather may be forecast.  Contingency plans could include Club members doing a selection of mini demonstrations and it may be beneficial for the Club to consider ordering the demonstrator’s flowers and having them already at the venue, so they have some flowers and materials to work with in the event of the demonstrator needing to cancel.

Clubs are reminded to consider taking out event cancellation insurance for open or large scale demonstrations.   Cancellation scrutiny of the policy is necessary to include Global Disease Pandemic or any other threat causing cancellation.

Amended by L&O JDS&E Committee

August 2018/June 2020 

*A gentlemen’s agreement is an informal agreement between two or more parties.  It may be written, oral or simply understood as part of an unspoken agreement by convention, or through mutually beneficial etiquette.  The essence of a gentlemen’s agreement is that it relies upon the honour of the parties for its fulfilment, rather than being in any way enforceable.