Online floral videos from Gill McGregor, Area Vice Chairman

 A message from Gill McGregor.

To all members of London and Overseas Area I wish you well.

In these uncertain times- I thought I would create some fun and informative “How to” flower arranging videos which Ian will be posting on my website as from the 15th April. 

The first is a set of 4 “How to” make different table designs using our garden plant materials and items we hoard away in our cupboards! Emphasis is upon how to re use the last of our floral foam in a sculptured, distinctive way with a contemporary feel or using contemporary techniques.

Over the next months I will be posting more “How to” videos showing you how to make different designs with different materials which I hope will inspire you to have a go. 

Please let all your flower arranging friends know these videos are available for them to see.

In addition, I have started to produce educational/ craft worksheets called  

“Auntie Gill says” ….Lets look at …………. for ages 4-9 year olds where there is an element of education and then a major craft element with templates and teaching information as to how to produce them. I will produce more of these worksheets over the next months- so again please let anyone you know who has young children, who like making things, that they can find and print off the worksheets via my website.

I must also thank Margot Cooper who has been helping me with the craft worksheet examples.

So to all – Ian and I wish you, your family and friends well and please keep safe.

Look forward to seeing you all soon.


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