UNLOCK GUIDANCE – New Coronavirus Guidelines from NAFAS


June 2020

This statement is an attempt to help you make decisions for your Area, Club and its Members – it is not exhaustive or anything more than suggestions that could be useful. 

It is important to remember that until there is a vaccination or some form of medication against Covid19, the only definite way to keep yourself and the membership safe is to isolate at home. 

The safety of Staff, Volunteers and Members is our priority as an Association. 

Any guidance in this document is overridden by any information, advice and governance emanating from the UK Government at www.gov.uk.

At the time of the ‘unlock’ being announced for larger gatherings (clubs groups etc.) by the Government there will then be issues to consider, 

Here is a statement from a frontline health worker: 

We need to be cautious in our future plans. Rather than just cancel everything for the next six months we need to keep a close eye on the Government’s advice and the development of the virus. 

Viruses mutate all the time; sometimes making the virus less effective and sometimes it becomes more dangerous. The SARS virus of 2002 and again in 2004 is a version of the Coronavirus. This mutated and it’s effectiveness in transmitting to humans reduced and therefore became less effective. 

The last pandemic of 2009 to 2010 was stopped by the development of the Flu vaccination. We do not know how this present virus will act. It could be with us forever and we will never get a vaccination or it may change tomorrow. 

So as you can see even from the medical profession there cannot be black and white clarity on the matter, possibly only if and when a vaccination is found. 

Areas & Clubs 


It will rely on your team’s judgement. The most important is when can the Club or Area open? Do not rush this decision. To make this first meeting the most effective consider numbers who might be happy to attend. If the first meeting is considered a failure that could affect confidence in future meetings and the future of the organisation. 


  • What other considerations will there be? Will all those attending be obliged to wear face masks? What will you do if someone turns up without one? 
  • What are the current social distancing rules?
  • Is there enough room in the hall to provide this spacing? How many will your hall hold with such distancing? 
  • Who will be responsible for sanitising the hall/room at the end of the meeting? 
  • How many of your membership are likely to come back to this first meeting? 
  • This will be helped if you have maintained contact with your membership, so you will have some idea of numbers.

Committee and Committee Meetings 

It is important not to ask your committee members to do anything which might compromise their safety or make them feel uncomfortable.

Consider how you are going to hold committee meetings: – by Zoom, Teams or other such platforms? 

ONLY IF there is further GOVERNMENT GUIDANCE should you think about holding an actual committee meeting anywhere, including gardens.

The Flower Arranger Magazine 

Is there a suitable way to distribute The Flower Arranger magazine safely without putting pressure on your Club Flower Arranger Officer? Some clubs have requested stamped addressed envelopes for the required amount to be sent to their Club Flower Arranger Officer to enable them to post the next copy. 


  • Has your hall reopened?
  • Does it have any new rules which might compromise your activities.
  • Does the hall have their own social distancing rules? They may vary from hall to hall. 
  • Is there hand sanitiser available in the foyer and rest rooms with which to wash hands? 
  • How many persons may enter the rest rooms at any one time to maintain safe distancing guidelines? 
  • Do rest rooms require sanitising between occupants? 


Are the Demonstrators still demonstrating, or have they had to stop because of financial or other reasons? 

To book demonstrations we use the Blue Form which is the NAFAS contract between the Club and Demonstrator. As this is a contract upheld within the organisation please take into account in these unprecedented times, that all parties will have to be more flexible than in previous times. There is still a wish for this contract to protect both parties by signing it

Six Month Cancellation Clause 


As there will be many effects of Covid19 which will affect living costs, it would be prudent to check that the Demonstrator can still maintain the fee they quoted earlier. 


If the Demonstrator is not willing to come to the club because of health issues or wariness of leaving isolation, will you release them from the contract and on this occasion both attempt to fill the engagement, not holding their release against the Demonstrator? 

  • *Please also refer to the new revised D3B Guideline EXTREME CONDITIONS 2020 

       *(please destroy the old D3B which was Extreme Weather Conditions) 

Six Month Cancellation clause – Christmas Demonstrations 2020? 

To make this more visual attached to this document is a chart to help you see this graphically

Thought needs to be given to the practicality of holding Christmas Open Demonstrations this year. Will you have the opportunity to sell tickets? Will you be able to accommodate enough people with the correct social distancing? Most of these will be in November, so the six month cancellation clause would be applicable through June. Communication between Club and Demonstrator is essential and, if cancelling for 2020, re-booking the Demonstrator for the next available Open Meeting would be a sensible approach to maintain good relationships. 


Can the Demonstrator still get flowers easily or, for instance, has their wholesaler gone out of business, so the Demonstrator might have to travel further for flowers. 

Because the worldwide ‘Flower Market’ has been massively affected by the pandemic, has the cost of flowers increased? Therefore, consideration about flower allowance is paramount. 

Style of Demonstration 

Because of the increase in cost of flowers will you need to arrange with the Demonstrator to put together a different type of demonstration? Less designs, smaller designs, etc. 

Internet demonstrations 

  • Can you provide demonstrations by video or Zoom or other applications? 
  • Can you run a raffle? 
  • Can you help the Demonstrator in and out of the hall?


  • Are you still in a position to continue demonstrating, if not have you forewarned the clubs you are booked to go to? 
  • Have you thought of promoting yourself by creating a video or videos? 
  • As an Area Demonstrator or even National this could increase your bookings in the future. 
  • Would the video be for the clubs who have booked you or generally available to all on the internet? 
  • Are you prepared to go to clubs straight after the ‘larger meetings unlock’? 
  • Have you communicated with the Area or Club since being booked? 
  • Have you formed a relationship so that you can be honest with them? 
  • Do you travel alone or accompanied? Will the issues connected to your travelling partner be a consideration? 


It is obviously much easier to keep to social distancing regulations. Think about travelling and your willingness to do longer journeys that previously we did not consider in the same way.

  • Do you travel with someone? Will this fact make a difference? 
  • Are there facilities for hand washing in rest rooms and is hand sanitiser available? 
  • What are the arrangements for refreshments during or after judging? 
  • Will you have to supply your own? 


Many of the issues are similar to all those in the Demonstrator’s section. 


Are there ways that you can teach remotely? With the use of applications like Zoom, etc., can you continue with current students? 

Look at how others have produced teach-ins and workshops on the internet. One Designer from New Zealand has done two or three workshops a week, providing a requirements list in advance and those at home create their designs from the materials or materials they already have. The participants then provide further promotion of your workshop, etc. on social media. 

*Information contained in this document comes from several sources with thanks to Bernard Preston, Lucy Ellis, Nicky Wylie, Demonstrator’s Committee and the Board.