Coronavirus – Letter from Area Chairman 17 March 2020

Dear Friends

In view of the current situation with the Coronavirus emergency and particularly because of the vulnerability of a large number of our members the Area Executive committee have decided on the following actions.

All Area events up to the end of May this year will be cancelled; this of course includes the April Council meeting and Area Day. The Demonstrators Refresher Day and Photo workshop have also been postponed and both will be organised to occur at a later date. If any further cancellations are considered prudent we will let you know as soon as we can.

We will continue with the organisation of the events later in the year and would appreciate your support in continuing to book tickets; of course this ticket money will be refunded if we do have further cancellations.
Each club must decide how they wish to deal with club events; I attach a copy of the statement on the NAFAS website from the CEO.

Should you decide to cancel or postpone meetings or events please talk to your demonstrators and venues as soon as possible. The question of costs should be covered by the terms and conditions in the latest Area List. Many venues will agree to rebook without penalty, but should such costs occur
the Area will assist. We will also assist with the costs of the demonstrator’s flowers if you are cancelling at very short notice, and if you wish to pay a proportion of the demonstrator’s fee for short notice cancellations we will help there too. (Please contact the Area treasurer)

Many of our members will feel isolated and regular contact by email or phone would be appreciated, although I am sure you will all already have thought of that.

The current situation is something that none of us could have anticipated and we must deal with it together as best we can and support each other as well as we can.

With kindest regards

Ken Law
Area Chairman

Jane Patterson
Gill McGregor
Sheila Tasker
Eve Johnson
Pat Laughton